Welcome to the homepage of Center for Science-satellite Operation and Data Archive (C-SODA).

C-SODA is the organization founded in April 2009 under JAXA/ISAS in order to carry out network service, satellite operation, management of data archives, and other tasks related to information technologies.
C-SODA is composed of the Program Planning Group, Satellite Operation Group, and Science Data Archive Group. The Program Planning Group is composed of the Technology Information Systems Team and the Information Systems Team.

Role of the Program Planning Group:

  1. To coordinate developments and operations of various information systems within C-SODA.
  2. To supervise the management and budget planning of C-SODA.
  3. To develop and operate the document database related to the space science (Technology Information Systems team).
  4. To operate and manage the network and information systems for space science activities (Information Systems team).

Role of the Satellite Operation Group:

  1. To develop and maintain the satellite operation systems.
  2. To adjust the schedules of ground stations to operate various satellites.
  3. To develop and operate the ground test systems for science satellites.

Role of the Science Data Archive team:

  1. To gather and archive satellite observation data and promote the use of these data by scientists within and outside of Japan.
  2. To develop and operate the data-processing systems and archive systems of science satellites.
07/27/09:C-SODA website has been launched
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